AbbaSiteMaker 2.2 released

Published 2007-11-30, 0:40


> Fixed a couple of reported bugs.
> New themes added.
> Added META keyword configuration in the admin settings section.
> Added META description configuration in the admin settings section.
> Code optimized.
> and a few other things ...

> To upgrade from version 2.x just replace the index.php file.

download here




 AbbaSiteMaker 2.1 released

Published 2007-09-29, 20:12

No bugs so far, this is a newer version with lots of improvements:

> The HTML editor now offers drop down menus with visual images, file and page links to insert into your pages
> Sub menus can be added to the predefined menu sets.
> Visitor counter and statistics optimized.
> A little cross browser compatibility issue is resolved.
> and more ...

download here


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 Support forum closed

Published 2007-09-18, 0:31

User forum is being redone and therefore temporarily closed, the new forum will be up in almost no time.

Also the contact form is removed for now and a new secure form is coming up shortly.

Registered 1.1 version users have now received the new 2.0 version, to upgrade just replace index.php file in the server root, everything else should work as before.

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 AbbaSiteMaker 2.0 released

Published 2007-09-03, 23:13

The new version is completely rewritten, new code is secure, faster with more features, some of which are:

> Page view counter
> Site hit counter
> Visitor counter and statistics (IP, browser, OS, etc.)
> More built-in menu sets (both horizontal and vertical)
> New admin panel
> Better code / html editor (rewritten for AbbaSiteMaker)
> and more ...

download here


Version 1.1 is no longer available, therefore all posts and comments were removed.

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