My WebLog index.php My WebLog en AbbaSiteMaker 2.2 released <b>Changes:</b><br /> <br /> &gt; Fixed a couple of reported bugs.<br /> &gt; New themes added.<br /> &gt; Added META keyword configuration in the admin settings section.<br /> &gt; Added META description configuration in the admin settings section.<br /> &gt; Code optimized.<br /> &gt; and a few other things ...<br /> <br /> &gt; To upgrade from version 2.x just replace the index.php file.<br /> <br /> download <a href="">here</a><br /> <br /> enjoy!!! 2007-11-30, 0:40 AbbaSiteMaker 2.1 released <b>Changes:</b><br /> No bugs so far, this is a newer version with lots of improvements:<br /> <br /> &gt; The HTML editor now offers drop down menus with visual images, file and page links to insert into your pages<br /> &gt; Sub menus can be added to the predefined menu sets.<br /> &gt; Visitor counter and statistics optimized.<br /> &gt; A little cross browser compatibility issue is resolved.<br /> &gt; and more ...<br /> <br /> download <a href="">here</a><br /> <br /> enjoy!!! 2007-09-29, 20:12 Support forum closed User forum is being redone and therefore temporarily closed, the new forum will be up in almost no time.<br /> <br /> Also the contact form is removed for now and a new secure form is coming up shortly.<br /> <br /> Registered 1.1 version users have now received the new 2.0 version, to upgrade just replace index.php file in the server root, everything else should work as before. 2007-09-18, 0:31 AbbaSiteMaker 2.0 released <b>Changes:</b><br /> The new version is completely rewritten, new code is secure, faster with more features, some of which are:<br /> <br /> &gt; Page view counter<br /> &gt; Site hit counter<br /> &gt; Visitor counter and statistics (IP, browser, OS, etc.)<br /> &gt; More built-in menu sets (both horizontal and vertical)<br /> &gt; New admin panel<br /> &gt; Better code / html editor (rewritten for AbbaSiteMaker)<br /> &gt; and more ...<br /> <br /> download <a href="">here</a><br /> <br /> enjoy!<br /> <br /> Version 1.1 is no longer available, therefore all posts and comments were removed. 2007-09-03, 23:13